Tips to Starting a Vintage Skateboard Collection
Tips to Starting a Vintage Skateboard Collection

In today’s times, skateboarding is a sport that many people love. There are a lot of skateboarders but also a lot of spectators. Some of these people are those interested in vintage skateboards. A small portion of them even collects them. These vintage skateboards date back to the ’60s, the ’70s, and the ’80s. Those three decades were where the beginning of skateboarding happened. If you look at the skateboards from back then and compare them to ones of today, they will look entirely different from each other. Skateboarders of today refer to vintage skateboards as “old school”. But you shouldn’t let the age of the boards repel you since the vintage skateboards look fantastic. Having a vintage skateboard or two displayed in your home will add some flavour to your home.

What To Know Before Starting A Collection Of Vintage Skateboards

If you’re interested in starting a vintage skateboard collection, keep reading. You’ll have a higher chance of finding styles or brands that used to be the most famous among the skateboarders back then. A large number of the most popular vintage skateboard styles and brands had early pros responsible for them. An example being Stacy Peralta, and the brand that he was responsible for was called Powell Peralta. A high-quality vintage skateboard will cost around thousands of dollars nowadays, so keep that in mind. They are a collector’s dream, but they weren’t produced much often. There is only a minimal amount of high-quality vintage skateboards available in the world. There weren’t many people skateboarding when it was getting started. Most of the skateboarders back then weren’t wealthy enough to be able to purchase a high-quality skateboard. They’d have to save up their money if they wanted to get one themselves.

Vintage skateboards didn’t stay in one form and shape forever. It took a few reiterations before it was the style and size of a skateboard of today. An example is the skateboards that were made from the ’50s to the ’70s. They were built from plastic or wood, and they were formed into a surfboard shape. There were a couple of vintage skateboards that were made of metal. A majority of the vintage skateboards were about seven inches wide, and the wheels were made of metal or clay, which was what was initially how roller skating came to be in the beginning. If a skateboard was created around the late ’70s, then that is when the skateboards went through their second evolution. It was when they used wheels composed of modern urethane rather than the usual metal or clay wheels. They also integrated trucks as well as other different components, which makes it fit the standards of the time. The vintage skateboards from the late ’70s will look closer to what you’re familiar with nowadays.

The fantastic artwork on skateboards was what the ’80s was most known for in the skateboarding society. In these times, a lot of the famous skateboarders had their own companies and such to create their own skateboards. They also gave their ideas to skateboard designers. Collectors love these kinds of skateboards since they’re all stylish in their own ways. Some of them were even limited edition, which is why you won’t be finding them that easily.