The Best Skateboards in the World

Skateboards come in all different shapes, designs and sizes, and some are built for purpose and other for aesthetic reasons. In this blog we look at some of the bestselling and most popular skateboards available on the market today.

Plan B

Plan B

A fairly new name to the world of skateboarding is Plan B, but the manufacturer is stirring up a heap of reputation for itself. The company was formed by two professional skaters and they knew what the market wanted. The company also sells other skater related items all of high quality using the best materials fit for purpose. Their skateboards use the right materials for the job, such as wood with several layers that is produced in a highly detailed manner. Plan B may be a new kid on the market but their design and quality has assured them a place among the elite.

Alien Workshop

If you are looking to purchase your first board then look no further than Alien Workshop, as this American company produce some of the best skateboards in the world. The boards have proven to be of excellent design and quality and have had favorable endorsements from all over the world. The boards all have unique designs that set them apart from the norm, they are light but strong and durable and are superb for tricks. All this for a very reasonable price, so no wonder they are many skaters’ first choice.

Almost Skateboards

Another top American brand, and another company founded by professional skateboarders. This company specializes in using quality hardwoods and carbon fiber in the construction of their boards. Their reputation in the market comes from the excellence they provide and for the long-lasting boards for almost every skating use imaginable, and the price is very reasonable for such a quality board.


Zero may be the most famous brand on the planet, their design is sheer outrageous and highly original. Zero have been making boards for as long as the industry has been going and its reputation is as high as any other. People just go crazy for Zero and are very loyal to the brand, skaters from all over the USA, Europe and Canada use Zero boards as they stand out from the crowd and are most recognizable due to the now famous skull graphics.


Habitat have been manufacturing boards for nearly twenty years and are famous for building quality boards that have ultimate design, are flexible and extremely light weight. The boards all have high dynamics which enables them to outperform many competitors as their abilities are almost boundless. Alongside all this, Habitat boards have designs that are unique, using different textures and shapes and are almost an artform in themselves.


Our final brand is Antihero which was founded in 1995 and has been at the forefront of skateboard manufacturing ever since. Antihero boards are trustworthy and reliable due to their superb build quality and materials used for construction. The design is good and they have almost any shape that you may desire, couple this with superb strength and you have the perfect board.

All these boards have defining characteristics that make them all unique, the choice is almost endless and it all comes down to personal choice in the end.