The Best Skateboard Brands – Part 2

Part two of our blog into the world of skateboard brands discovers even more of the world’s most successful companies that produce everything that is connected with skateboarding, including the actual boards themselves and of course the apparel that goes with the skating scene.

Most successful skateboard companies have celebrated riders as part of the organization, and both past and present skateboard champions are the best way of attracting fans to your own brand. Our investigation for part two starts with HUF.


HUF is mostly famous for typical skateboard streetwear including five-panel caps and weed socks. But HUF is much more than just that, they have had successful collaborations with the likes of Thrasher, and have produced the widely acclaimed Hi & Lo.

If you happen to mention HUF to anybody who are fans of skateboarding they will say that it is classic skateboarding streetwear, with brilliantly designed sneakers. Two major players in the skateboarding fraternity have boosted HUF’s popularity, namely Austyn Gillette and Dylan Rieder.  

Theories of Atlantis

It is hard to pigeon hole Theories of Atlantis, and many people find it hard to actually fathom what the company is all about. The brainchild behind the operation is Josh Stewart who started it all with his videos of New York skateboarders.

Since then the company has branched out into clothes and graphics, and now acts as a huge distribution house for smaller skateboarding manufacturers. It has always tried to lead the market in depicting what true skateboarding culture is all about.


Magenta is one of the best European players in the skateboarding market, it relies on the idea of establishments that are not happy with skateboarding. But the recent collaboration with the giant sportswear company Adidas has shown just how popular the brand is.

The skaters that are part of Magenta are recognized for a style that is quick-footed with a great illustration style. But the company also has a reputation for celebrating the enjoyment and freedom that skateboarding brings to people.


The second European brand on our list is Polar who are based in Sweden. The company was founded by an ex Emerica rider called Pontus Alv. Who was famous for his dress style while he skated, which normally consisted of wearing Converse sneakers and long sleeved black T-shirts.

The brand had most of its success with their boards, then the brand decided to go upmarket with their clothing range and fashioned top notch athletic wear that blended with traditional skater apparel. Successful lines have been chinos and hoodies.


Hammers founder Jim Greco started his company to bring back to traditional American skateboarding skills such as silk screen ink transfers and hand shaping methods that were originally used in the making of boards. The result are stunning looking boards that hark back to former glory days. Fans buy Hammers gear as they want classic skating gear that looks a million dollars. These great brands are very much in vogue on the skateboarding scene at the moment, but new companies emerge on a regular basis, so competition is still there.