The Best Skateboard Brands – Part 1

In the skateboarding world things come and go quite rapidly when it comes to trends in fashion, and brands seem to come crashing onto the market only to dwindle away in a couple of years. But this constant rotation of manufacturers gives the opportunity to smaller brands to stake their claim for a period in the spotlight.

In this blog we look at some of the best skateboarding brands that are on the market right now, whether it is for actual skateboarding equipment or for clothing and accessories, we look at the main players in the skateboarding market right now.

The world of skateboarding has actually influenced high-end fashion who take inspiration from skateboard culture in some of their lines such as wide-leg pants, footwear and five-panel hats. But the original brands still rule and luxury labels just copy the look. No two skateboarding brands are identical, every one of them has a unique spin on things.


You may find our first brand on our list a little strange as Quartersnacks is best known for being an online magazine. But the company also manufactures soft goods and clothing and the apparel has been popular for over a decade.


This company was founded almost twenty years ago, Sk8mafia is not the biggest brand on the market but is certainly is one of the coolest. The core of skateboarding stays loyal to Sk8mafia and their most prominent professional, Wes Kramer, was named Skater of the Year by Thrasher in 2014.


Krooked is the brainchild of Mark Gonzales who founded the brand in 2002, and ever since has been going from strength to strength. The brilliance of the marketing of Krooked is the introduction of art and illustration into their brand. Krooked also has a brilliant team of riders on board, each picked for their unique style and include Mike Anderson, Brad Cromer and Ronnie Sandoval.

Fxxcking Awesome / Hockey

Technically these are two companies, but they have intertwined histories. FA started back in 2001 but joined into a collaboration with Alien Workshop in 2013.  Since then, the FA brand dropped Alien Workshop and now their logo is seen everywhere from models to rap stars.

The Hockey brand was born after AVE tried to pinch a couple more Alien Workshop skaters, but the plan was floored as they could not balance the new riders with those already on the books. The resulting brand was a small entity that produced raw skating with a line of products that plays on the beauty of destruction.

Bronze 56K

Bronze 56K was founded by Peter Sidlauskus back in 2012, and the talented Sidlaukus seems to go from success to success. The marketing for Bronze 56K is top drawer and their apparel is strikingly original, everything from coach’s jackets to pink dad hats.

The company now makes boards through its associate company Jamaica, and this new line has been widely accepted and is now a market leader. Bronze 56K teamed up with the Palace brand recently which produced some outstanding wear. In part two we continue with our look at some of the best current skateboarding brands.