Skateboarding and Music – Part 2

Our second part of the blog to find out some of the best skateboarding videos and tracks continues with one of the greatest videos of all time that is set to Cass McCombs Sacred Heart, and Sonic Youth’s Superstar. It is of course Jerry Hsu in Enjoi’s Bag of Suck.

Jerry Hsu – Bag of Suck

Over seven minutes of epic action which features monumental effort, concentration and of course skill. As the action progresses through the film, it becomes increasingly more adventurous and dangerous. The first part of the video is undertaken to the tune Sacred Heart which kind of brings an almost religious overtone. Superstar depicts Jerry Hsu as a cool rockstar and his performance strengthens this.

Jake Johnson – Alien Workshop Mind Field

The Mind Field video by Alien Workshop was mostly a bit of a puzzle to many viewers. The video, to say the least, is rather strange and the musical backdrop is as eclectic as the footage. Artists such as Black Moth Super Rainbow, Dinosaur Jr, Morrissey, Animal Collective and Elliott Smith accompany the footage.

The video is a montage of cut up pieces of art and video. The best sections of the video are definitely when Jake Johnson is skating. The opening is unique and unlike any other skate video, over a minute is taken up with a collection of documentaries and time lapses that do not actually show any skating.

Matt King – hoEphase

This skating video was self-produced by Matt King himself, and hoEphase highlights great skateboarding action. Most of the footage is of amateur riders who are awkward and their skating style, to be polite, is rustic. The theme of the film is that there is beauty in failure and the roughly made film complements this theme. The music is a hotspotch of 90s nostalgia, vaporwave and house.

Lakai – Fully Flared

Widely regarded as one of the most dangerous skating that has ever been filmed, Fully Flared had a monumental budget and had a two-year delayed release date. In all the video took Spike Jonze four years to make and elevated skateboarding to a completely new level.

There are explosions, walls coming down, smoke and destruction everywhere in this chaotic film, whilst the music is loud, booming and exciting. Basically, this video is skateboarding’s version of a biblical epic film of the 60s with thousands of extras.

Mark Gonzales – Video Days

Possibly Spike Jonze’s most famous skateboard video and one of the classic cult video snippets of its time. When this video was released in 1991 it formed new boundaries of what a skateboarding video should actually be. So much so that nearly every skate video that followed for a decade later copied it. The filming technique was state of the art with fluid camera angles and great editing.

The whole epic film begins with Willy Wonka played by Gene Wilder staring into a young girl’s eyes and saying, We are the music makers and we are the dreamers of dreams. Gonzales skates with beauty and grace and is perfectly complemented by John Coltrane in the amazing track Traneing In.