How to Become a Skateboarder

How do you start out on the road to become a professional skateboarder? What does the term pro skateboarder actually mean?

In this context, the difference between a pro and an amateur is that you are able to make a living out of skateboarding. The way to become a skateboarder is to attract sponsorships from one or two companies so that they invest in you. We hope to set out in this blog how to attract sponsorship and to become a pro skateboarder.

Develop Your Talent

Firstly, and there is no way around this, you must master the art of skateboarding so that you are a really good at skating and well above average. This will need hours upon hours of practice, some experts believe the minimum requirement is around fifteen thousand hours before you can perfect your skill. Set out a schedule for your practise and devote part of every day to developing your skills, use your board for routine things like getting around and soon the hours will clock up.

Get Fit

If you follow a strict practise schedule then your fitness should automatically get better, but you also need to protect your health. There are many injuries in skateboarding that can lead to lengthy layoffs, when practising always wear safety equipment so you do not endanger your future. Proper skateboarding gear is not that expensive and is purposely built to be light and unobstructive to your skating. Never skate in the traffic and, if you practise during the night, ensure your board is fitted with Board Blazers.

Skate in Competitions

Make sure you get connected with other boarders in your area; if there are local skateboarder groups, then it is a good idea to join them and enter competitions. This will benefit you twofold: firstly, it will improve your skills and, secondly, it will start to gain you a reputation.

Bigger competitions draw scouts and representatives from industry associated companies looking to offer sponsorships. Never forget there is a big difference between competing and practising with your friends, a cheering crowd can be really off-putting if you are not used to it. It is now time to develop your mental skills to cope with the pressure that competition brings.

Create a Persona

Now you are a regular competitor and you need to get noticed in the huge skateboarding crowd, so create an image for yourself. Take a look at the clothes you wear, develop your persona into an ebullient character that people take to and, finally, embellish your skills and show the audience how good you are.

Use social media to grow your image and form a fan base, sponsors like skaters that are popular and have a large following. Some companies will actually ask to see your social media accounts for proof of a following. To become a pro, a skateboarder needs more than just talent; they need hard work and dedication. If you follow these steps, it will assist in your final aim, but there are always unexpected problems that will come up that you will have to deal with. Always keep the final goal in mind and you will overcome any adversity.